Many of our employees have worked here for 5,10 or 30 years!
We have fantastic staff. They are friendly, courteous, hardworking and for many, long-time familiar faces.. They help make our office clean, comfortable and organized. Directions


  • Office Manager: Susie
    She is honest and hardworking. Always willing to help organize, clarify or just plain make things work. Susie loves cats!

  • Debra
    checks patients in and schedules appointments

  • Sarah
    checks patients in and schedules appointments

  • Marsha
    front office check-out

Boo (Lavinia)
front office check-out


  • Betty
    is the back office manager. She often helps with ultrasound. She has worked for AFWH for over 20 years!

  • Debbie
    is Dr. Zivney's assistant

  • Marlene
    , Dr. Smith's LVN.

  • Robin
    is Dr. Garant's assistant.

Sandy Dr. Anderson's primary assistant. She often answers telephone calls and helps out when Dr. Anderson is away. She has been with us for over 30 years!


Malisa is our ultrasound technician


Bell Back office float.